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Employee Engagement and Retention in Bend, Oregon

When individuals are strong, the team becomes a force

Abby Gorman, owner of Symplexi Employee Development, smiling and sitting on a chair.

One thing I know for sure, your people are your greatest asset.

25 years building teams in the newspaper industry taught me that the people are the greatest asset. You can have all the systems and goals in place, but if you don’t develop your people none of those matter.

Time after time I experienced that when you treat everyone as part of the greater why and show them that what they do matters, even if what they do may seem like a small part, they will rise to their greatest potential.

Believe me, it is no small task to get 150 people to buy into the idea of showing up to work at 2:00 a.m.
365 days a year doing it well with pride in their work. If I just told them the why was because people wanted a paper on the porch and that was the only point, I don’t think it would have happened. But, when I helped them see the benefit to them, the self-discipline, exercise, financial gain, and being an integral part of the team that did hard things and had each other’s back, that is what they could buy into, the greater why.

My why is to build a business that can partner with other company leaders to build their teams.

Signature saying "Abby," from Abby Gorman, owner of Symplexi Employee Development.
A group of diverse people with their arms around each other's backs. We are looking at them from the back.

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