Onboarding Success Coaching in Bend, Oregon

To help employees navigate the critical first 90 days

Why Choose Onboarding Success Coaching?

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Improved Employee Retention: Employees who receive proper support during their initial 90 days are more likely to feel valued, engaged, and committed to the organization, resulting in higher retention rates.

Accelerated Productivity: By providing new hires with the tools and insight they need, they can quickly integrate into their roles and become productive team members, positively impacting the company’s bottom line.

Enhanced Job Satisfaction: A smooth onboarding experience instills confidence and job satisfaction in employees, leading to increased motivation and loyalty to the organization.

Reduced Onboarding Costs: Investing in a comprehensive coaching program not only saves time and resources but also reduces the likelihood of costly turnovers due to poor onboarding experiences.

Ensure your new employees thrive from day one with our Onboarding Success Coaching program.

Key Features

Personalized Coaching: Each new employee brings unique strengths and challenges. We provide personalized coaching sessions tailored to address individual needs, goals, and learning styles, empowering them to excel in their roles.

Proven Strategies: With years of experience in onboarding and talent development, we have curated a comprehensive set of strategies that focus on building confidence, fostering teamwork, and accelerating the learning curve. These strategies are finely tuned to maximize productivity and engagement during the crucial early stages of employment.

Establishing Clear Objectives: Setting clear and achievable objectives is vital in ensuring that new employees stay focused and motivated. Our coaching program assists new hires in creating a roadmap for their first 90 days, prioritizing tasks, and understanding their role in their success.

Overcoming Challenges: The initial period in a new role can be daunting, and unforeseen challenges may arise. We act as a reliable support system, providing guidance and solutions to any obstacles that may come their way, promoting resilience and adaptability.

Feedback and Progress Tracking: Regular feedback and progress tracking are fundamental to the success of any onboarding process. We facilitate constructive feedback loops, offering insights and guidance, allowing new hires to continuously improve their performance.

We work one-on-one with employees to help build key skills and behaviors — but that looks different for each person. We help employees develop greater self-awareness. They also work with your employees to dig into their state of mind, values, goals, and insights.


– A one hour introductory session to get to know each new team member.
– A weekly 30 minute session, this can be in person, via Zoom or call. 
– Ongoing support between sessions via a texting app.

We believe these last couple of years have shown us the importance of developing proactive practices to build mental fitness that buffers against the damaging effects of stress and crisis. After all, mentally fit organizations are better equipped to navigate change and uncertainty, perform better, and are more resilient. 


$1,200 per employee for the full program. 

We offer customized packages to fit your needs. Contact us today to get details.

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